The popularity of granite countertops has increased several manifolds since the past few years due to its innumerable qualities. Today it is found in most of the homes in kitchens and baths. It is known to be one of the hardest stones available on earth,Granite Countertops Why Is It Considered The Ultimate Choice? Articles next to diamonds. Granite Countertops- Basic BenefitsNatural and incomparable beauty: It is perhaps the only natural stone which is popular for its mesmerizing beauty and appearance. Variety of colors: Granite countertops are available in a huge variety of colors and shades to suit any type of décor. Some of the most attractive colors include red, black, green and blue. Today there are many online stores which showcase some of the most attractive colors and shades at affordable price rates. Unique: Every single piece of slab is different from one another. It is impossible to find a similar piece of stone which is another attractive feature of these countertops. Less maintenance: Granite countertops are easy to clean and maintain. It does not retain any type of dirt or stain compared to the other types of countertops. Tensile: These countertops are quite tensile as it does not chip or crack easily. It can lasts for many years together. However, it is important to seal the countertops for longer durability. Remodeling: It is one of the best options granite and marble to remodel the kitchen. These countertops are bound to increase the value of a home. Therefore it is widely preferred by most of the interior decorators today. Care for Granite CountertopsThough the granite countertops are resistant to bacteria and scratch, it is quite important to maintain it well so that it lasts for a long period of time. The following sections will highlight some of the best ways to take care of your countertops. Cleaning: Countertops should be cleaned with hot water and soap to clean liquid spills. It is also important to clean the countertops once in a week to maintain its regular shine.Use non-acidic cleaners: It is also essential to use only non-acidic cleaners as acidic cleaners rip the natural stone off its color and sheen. Accidental spills of acidic juices should be cleaned immediately to avoid staining. Moist- free: The granite kitchen countertops should be kept moist-free to avoid breeding of bacteria. Make sure to wipe it with a dry cloth to keep it clean and free from bacteria. Sealant: It is also vital to seal these countertops with a good sealant to avoid seepage of water. It is important never to use acidic stone washing formulas which destroys the sealants. Replacing the sealants every six months is an excellent idea to maintain your expensive countertops. Finally, installation of countertops should be done by a professional. There are hundreds of online stores which display a variety of countertops in different patterns and colors that can add charm and elegance to your home.


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